Conference program

Oct. 16.

Welcome party 19.00-21.00 Room: Orangeriet

Oct. 17.

Room: B3052 (Floor 3)Chair: Hans Westlund

9.00 Opening; addresses by JU President Agneta Marell, JIBS Dean Jerker Moodysson, IGU Vice President Academician Bojie Fu, IGU-AGLE Chair Yansui Liu

9.15 Keynote speechby Academician Professor Bojie Fu, Chinese Academy of Science

10.00 Keynote speechby Professor Lucia Naldi, Jönköping University

10.45 Coffee

11.00 – 12.30 Paper session 1. Room: B3052 Chair: Lucia Naldi

Yansui Liu      

China’s Land Policy and Rural Revitalization Strategy

Sofia Wixe     

The Role of External Knowledge and Collaboration for Innovation in Small Rural Food Firms

Brigitte Nougaredes            

Which buildings for more sustainable local food systems? Characterisation and innovation in a French case study

12.30 LunchRoom: Studio (Floor 2)

13.30 – 15.00 Paper session 2A. Room: 3052 Chair: Hualou Long

Hans Westlund, Lucia Naldi, Johan P Larsson                    

Social capital and entrepreneurial orientation in Swedish rural municipalities

Li Ma, Hualou Long              

Agricultural labor changes and agricultural economic development in China and its implications for rural vitalization

13.30 – 15.00 Paper session 2B. Room: 3051 Chair: Tina Wallin

Mikaela Backman, Janet Kolhase                

Diversity of labor force and new firm formation

Mingyang Cheng, Yang Zhou, Yansui Liu, Jintao Li             

Measure of rural housing-industry symbiotic development in Taihang Mountain District of China: a case study from Fuping

Tina Wallin    

Exporting firms absorptive capacity and innovative behavior

15.00 Coffee

15.15 – 16.45 Paper session 3A. Room 3052 Chair: Micael Olsson

Gao Haiqing, Liu Zhuhuan    

Rural Revitalization through Reforms of Collective Property Rights System: A Case Study in Yuyang District, Yulin City

Charlotta Mellander, Lina Bjerke                

Moving home again? Never! The locational choices of graduates in Sweden

Michael Olsson                    

The pace of urbanization

15.15 – 16.45 Paper session 3A. Room 3051 Chair: Yansui Liu

Yongshen Wang, Qi Wen, Yansui Liu           

Degraded land consolidation and rural poverty alleviation: perspective and case study in agro-pastoral transition zone of China

Lina Bjerke, Sara Johansson 

Geographical patterns of collaboration -a comparison between innovative and non-innovative firms

Lulu Qu, Yurui Li, Yansui Liu  

What is the connection between urbanization and countryside sustainable development in China? Explore it using a spatial econometric model and coupling analysis

16.45 IGU-AGLE commission meeting(for invited only) (Room TBA)

19.00 – 21.30 Informal dinner and song competition. Orangeriet

Oct. 18

Room: 3052

9.00 Keynote speechby Professor Eveline van Leeuwen, Wagenegen University, Netherlands;

9.45 Keynote speechby Professor Philip McCann, Sheffield University, UK;

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Paper session 4. Room: 3052 Chair: Guy Robinson

Yuheng Li      

Why some villages decline while some others not: An overview of rural evolution in the world

Lucia Naldi    

What makes certain rural areas more attractive than others for new firms? The role of place based-amenities

Guy Robinson

Multifunctional agriculture and World Heritage status: The potential impact of heritage designation in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia

12.30 Lunch Room: Studio (Floor 2)

13.30 – 15.00 Paper session 5A. Room: 3052 Chair: Ning Jiang

Johan Klaesson, Lars Pettersson                 

Geographic concentration, plant size and market potential

Jiansheng Liu, Yuxuan Dang 

Community-based relocation can help to develop poor villages in remote mountainous areas of China: Evidence from XunWu County, Jiangxi Province

Ning Jiang, Yansui Liu, Jintao Li                  

The Influence of Urbanization on the Development of Agriculture and Rural in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

13.30 – 15.00 Paper session 5B. Room: 3051 Chair: Zhi Cao

Linna Li, Yansui Liu, Lulu Qu 

Rural regional multi-body system identification method and case application

Yuzhu Zang    

Typical model of urban-rural integration and rural revitalization: A case study of Hua Ming township in Dong Li district Tian Jin City

Zhi Cao, Lingfan Yang,  Yansui Liu, Yurui Li  

Spatial pattern of land use change in northern Shaanxi during 1995-2015 based on relative elevation

15.00 Coffee

15.15 – 16.45 Paper session 6A.Room: 3052 Chair: Yuanyuan Yang

Shujin He       

Analysis on influencing factors of land use change in three typical areas of western China

Yuanyuan Yang, Yansui Liu   

Strategic adjustment of land use policy under the economic transformation

15.15 – 16.45 Paper session 6B.Room: 3051 Chair: Chen Shi

Yifan Wu, Yang Zhou, Yansui Liu, Mingyang Cheng            

Turing barren hills into invaluable assets: Practice of land consolidation in Fuping county, China

Zhengjia Liu, Yansui Liu, Yurui Li                 

Anthropogenic contributions dominate trends of vegetation cover change over the farming-pastoral ecotone of northern China

Chen Shi        

How to bring the household into industrialization of precise poverty alleviation: A perspective of Marxism production factors

19.00 Gala dinner. Restaurang Tegel, Tändsticksgränd 14

Oct 19

8.30 – 11.45 Excursion, Sightseeing by bus in Jönköping and surroundings. Lunch included. Pick up at Hotel John Bauer. Bus lets passengers off at the railway station before returning to the hotel.